What Is A Business Grant?


Business Grants are non-repayable funds given by one party, often European Union, Government, Corporation or Foundation. To another – a business, or non-profit organisation. For a company to receive a grant, first the organisation has to find a suitable fund, write a proposal or application. When applying the applicant will need to meet the requirements […]

What You Might Not Know?


At Growth In Business, we work on the principle that we don’t know everything, we learn something new each day, so that’s what we bring to you, the business owner. Even we can’t possibly know everything, but we can bring products and services to you that we feel can make a difference to your business […]

The Advantages of Securing a Business Grant


What is a Business Grant? – In general, a Business Grant is a Non-Repayable fund given by one party to another. Often, they are a desirable source of Business Finance and securing a grant could help your business develop and grow and are available for start-ups to established businesses. At any one time, there are […]