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Does My Business Qualify For A Business Grant?

Business Grants

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Does your business qualify for a business grant? There are different criteria laid out from the funder for each type of business grant. Once a Business has a project or purpose in mind, the applicant will need to research the criteria involved with a particular grant fund. Some funds may require a business to operate primarily B2B and not B2C; this will eliminate any companies who are in the retail sector, for example. Some also may not offer funding to start-up companies; they might require a minimum period of trading before a company can be eligible for that particular fund

It is recommended to research each Grant Fund carefully and read through the criteria before any application submitted. Generally, these criteria will outline a preferred use for the Grant Funds; equally, they will often outline exemptions.

Applications can be time-consuming, and business owners can be busy people, so for some wasting time is not an option. Research can also be time-consuming in itself, and it is not always easy to find suitable funds to match particular criteria.

When a fund has been found, and the criteria met, an application will be required to be drawn up and submitted. This application can be completed by the business owner, or in some cases by a third party organisation that will specialise in writing grant applications. However, there will still be some work for the company as they will be required to supply information to the grant writer.

This information can vary from each application, click here for a list of possible options.

At Growth In Business, we recognise the pressures Business Owners are under, and we are also aware that applying for grants can be a time-consuming process. That’s why our Grant Finder and Grant Writing services are so popular. We take the stress away, leaving the business owner to do what they do best – Run their business.

For further details e-mail: or call us on 0121 389 5053 for further details.

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