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How Much Do We Charge For Grant Reports & Why?


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Well, to start off with we have a number of options…

A Detailed Grant Report £150.00 (+VAT)

Or ….

A Summary Reports Per Year plus Monthly Updates £166.65 (+VAT) Per Year (or £16.65 (+VAT) paid monthly)

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Examples of these reports are…

For a Detailed Report Click Here

For a Summary Report Click Here

So, the question really is…Why do we charge and what to you get for your money?

First of all, we need to explain, we are a private organisation and do not receive any external funding, therefore, there comes a point where we need to charge for our services as we do have bills to pay!!

We will always make sure we add value, so would not suggest you purchase a report when we don’t feel would provide meaningful information for you and your business, hence we start with a conversation with you, the business owner, then do some initial research feeding back some high-level results. This whole process takes around an hour of our time and is totally FREE OF CHARGE.

From here we spend around a further two hours preparing your report, making it bespoke to your requirements. That means we scan through all the potential funds for you and only present you with what we feel is relevant. We use a sophisticated software system, for which we pay a large annual subscription, so as well as our time, there is an element of the cost which goes towards that subscription as well.

To do this yourself carrying out research on all potential funds, reading the eligibility criteria can take hours of time, we save you that time, as well as making sure you are kept up-to-date with changes in the funding landscape which may effect your business.

This means you are less likely to miss an opportunity or a deadline.

As well as Business grants, our reports can include…

  • Options for Debt Funding
  • Tax Credits
  • Awards you might want to apply for (Great for your marketing!)
  • Export Insurance
  • Equity Finance
  • Venture Capital Companies
  • And other useful information for your business.

This is up to you!!

Agreed, some of this might not be relevant, but a lot can be, again saving hours on research and leaving you with time to spend working on your business.

While we cannot guarantee results, what we can say is that for a business that is looking to invest and/or expand, this can be a very good investment, with an extremely high payback.

Some examples of where we have used it, are…

Pivot & Prosper Grant (Birmingham) £40,000 was claimed for a diversification programme.

Funding For Charity (London) £20,000 was claimed for food parcels during the Covid Period for a charity in Croydon, London.

There are more, but what we can say is that, both of which would not have been found if it was not for our Grant Report.

For those that move on to become clients, we will refund the report fee you have spent with us during that calendar year, so the report is effertively FREE OF CHARGE. In this way we are happy if you want to take the information we provide and apply for any funding yourself, the information is yours!

So, we in reality we are charging to SAVE YOU TIME, with the result of GAINING YOU MONEY.

Given time we accept you can do all the research to find out what is in your report, it is just how long will that take and how much do you value your time?

If you are not looking to invest in your business and are happy with the way everything is, then this report is not for you, we suggest you consider contacting us at a later date. However, if you are ambitious and are looking to invest in your business, then this could save you thousands of pounds.

What ever you decide, we wish you well.

For further details e-mail: info@growthinbusiness.comcall us on 0121 389 5053 or simply Click Here for more information.

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