All About Your Bottom Line



Need some help but don’t know where to look? You’ve reached the right place.

It is quite often that we talk to a business owner and discover that they are not aware of what help is available for them to expand their business.

Business owners are just too busy with the day to day operations to keep on top of what help is available. Or if they do know what grants are available, they just don’t know (or have the time) to apply for them.

We can both keep you informed and apply on your behalf.

Working with our clients we can match grants which are available to their growth plans saving them both time and money. To find out how you can keep up to date with our Grant Finder Service then click the link below…

Stay Up To Date

So, if you have found a Grant and don’t want to apply yourself, then don’t worry – we can do it for you!

With our comprehensive application service, clients of Growth In Business – Never Miss Out

But – How Much Do We Charge?

Well we don’t want this to be a supprise, so we are open right at the start… We just need by stating however, we are NOT Government Funded. Many prospects think we are! Growth In Business is a privately owned organisation which has overheads and wages to pay, so therefore we do need to charge!

So what can you expect?… What do we charge?…

Our Grant Writing Service offered on a No Win No Fee basis – We take the risk of failure – not you!

First of all we will take you through our robust eligability check, where we will match you with an appropriate grant

Then, if everyone is satisfied with what we find, we will proceed in preparing the application on your behalf.

Upon a positive decision we charge 16% of the grant value, payable on acceptance from the funder.